The international press card is re-issued each year; the membership fee is 48 Euros per year. The official EPF membership status includes a representative certificate and the registered press sign for vehicles (standard membership).The premium membership includes a second press sign for vehicles and a press ID card. Details:

 Press Card
 Press sign
 Mini Press sign

Premium membership:    Standard membership:
• One-off admission fee: 142 Euro
• Yearly membership fee: 48 Euro
• One-off admission fee: 122 Euro
• Yearly membership fee: 48 Euro
Services included: Services included:
International Press card (IPC) International Press card (IPC)
Press ID-Card Press ID-Card
Press sign for vehicles 210 x 150 mm Press sign for vehicles 210 x 150 mm
Small Press sign  60 x 86 mm Small Press sign  60 x 86 mm
Official Certificate of Member Official Certificate of Member
Personalize Login-Area Personalize Login-Area
Lanyard with snap lock Lanyard with snap lock
CD Press-Publications (from Sept. 07) CD Press-Publications (from Sept. 07)
Support of the EPF-Administration Support of the EPF-Administration
VIP - Cardbox of Polycarbonate, with clip l VIP - Cardbox of Polycarbonate, with clip

• Premium-Status: inclusive IPA und ID-Card! 

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In most democratic countries the press is not state controlled. (International) Press cards are therefore issued by trade associations, trade unions or press agencies, not from government authorities. Note: 'Government approved' or 'official' press cards are therefore myths. Some nationally active trade associations often like to issue, misleadingly, 'officially approved press cards'. Experts know: there is no such thing as officially or state approved press cards.

Recognition under public law: Independent of the legal situation, the de facto recognition of the European Press Federation press card occurs through practical use. The press card of the European Press Federation enjoys special trust and is recognised by hundreds of companies and organisations. For example, with the EPF press card you can make a claim to receive information from the authorities.

Welcome to the European Press Federation

Acquire your international press card from European Press Federation and use the additional services at no extra cost.  All membership fees are all-inclusive fees. Support the growth of an independent association for press workers and part-time journaliststhroughout Europe.