As a member of EPF, you are entitled to print 'Member of the European Press Federation' or 'Member of EPF' on your business cards, letter heads, business documents or your website. The internationally valid press card is also included in the membership as well as additional services and offers. Become a member of EPF now and use the benefits!

 Press Card
 Press sign
 Mini Press sign

Premium-Membership: Yearly membership fee 48 Euros  |  Admission fee 142 Euros

EPF-Premium . Features front- and backside:

• Issued in three languages
• Registered identification number
• Reissued every year
• Credit card size
• EPF Member status
• Check number
• Forgery protection
• Hologram label
• High quality print
• Hologram with serial number

• Criss-crossed signature area
• Bar-code registration
• Statement for authorities
• EPF contact details and seal

The international press card is issue new every year. The official European Press Federation membership status includes a representative certificate and the registered press sign for vehicles (= standard membership). If the decision is made for a premium membership then a second press sign for vehicles is included as well as a press identification card. Press card and identification card are issued with certified security features.

Ready for immediate use worldwide:
The international press card is included in a valid EPF membership. Additional services included: Press sign for vehicles. Official membership certificate. Press ID card. Personalised login for members area. Online membership status request. Mini press sign for vehicles. More informations about the premium-status: click here!

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Welcome to the European Press Federation

Acquire your international press card from European Press Federation and use the additional services at no extra cost. All membership fees are all-inclusive fees. Support the growth of an independent association for press workers and part-time journaliststhroughout Europe.