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As Europe grows together, so do the fields of the Press and Media. The European Press Federation provides a legitimate, international press pass that promotes both amateur and professional part time journalists. If you are new to the field, the EPF can also provide you with an authorized press card. International Press Card 2023 & 2024 / Journalist Card Inclusive: Press Photographer Card. Details about Premium to Standard status can be found here. Upon receipt of provisional membership confirmation, payment can be arranged.

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 122 Euros - Admission fee  |  IPC press sign for your car)
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   48 Euros - invoiced proportionately in the first year

Payment: You will receive a provisional membership confirmation and then you can make the payment. You will be informed of the payment details in the confirmation email.

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The yearly membership fee will be calculated proportionately for the current year. Example: If a membership commences in August, only the months from August to December will be charged. The registration corresponds to an authorised membership in the EPF. By registering you accept the articles of association, the press card regulations and subscription of the EPF. Data privacy: Your details will be protected according to the data privacy stipulations.