Change now to the career fast lane. Many media houses and publishes are experiencing hard times. Readers, listeners and audiences are disappearing and advertisements are dwindling. This development has its consequences because less readers and less income from advertisements are leading to editorial offices being out-sourced or for freelance journalists being employed instead of full-time ones. This trend is nothing new. What is new is that because of this development, newcomers are presented with new and interesting possibilities – the spectrum of journalistic activities is diverse enough. Therefore the EPF supports and promotes also part-time journalists. As a member of European Press Federation you will receive comprehensive support and will find the perfect environment for your new career.

European Press Federation

New horizons: Boom in the press sector

Even if the economic prospects don’t offer many reasons for rejoicing: newcomers will find once in a lifetime chances in the press sector: the sector environment opens lots of doors almost automatically and there are many of possibilities to carry out lucrative and serious activities successfully. Success orientated practitioners use the personal infrastructure that EPF offers, because the comprehensive contacts that the association provides present lucrative career chances. And that’s not all …

Journalists – a favoured target group

Clever shopping is becoming more and more popular! Journalists can profit substantially from this trend. Many companies consider representatives of the press as VIPs and therefore offer them preferential treatment. After all, this group of people is classed as an important promotional feature. With this in mind, EPF offers its members a shopping experience of a special kind. No matter whether it is mobile phones, entertainment, cars, holidays or fashion, a considerable amount of offer the association preferential conditions. Members can benefit from the special shopping advantages 24 hours a day and receive high quality goods or services more comfortably, faster and cheaper. Complicated price negotiations are not necessary. Comprehensive savings increase the purchasing power of the association’s members which can be compared to a 13th monthly salary!

Still more benefits

But not only that: invitations, sporting events, fine trips (often available for free), service offers free of charge, cheap cars, shopping vouchers – all this is “normal” for representatives of the press. Don’t miss this opportunity: As the holder of a press card you belong to an exclusive circle. In hardly any other environment can career and private ambitions be so easily combined. Consider the press business as a kind of contact management for the creation and cultivation of good relationships. That is one of the reasons why many newcomers in the press & media branch love their job so much.

Because in spite of all the merits you should not overlook one thing: you should simply enjoy your press job. This motivation is a requirement in order to be able to provide good services. A press card may well make your life easier, but to be successful in your career, other rules are more important.

Start a second career

A part-time start as a welcome alternative? Why not! As a representative of the press or freelance journalist you are your own boss. Make an application for your EPF membership today. You will be amazed at the special chances and possibilities.