Available for part-time representatives of the media & journalists: If you wish to further extend your activities or to make international contacts then you should consider a European Press Federation membership. Of course, the EPF also supports people working as part-time journalists. The European Press Federation was founded by experienced press professionals, journalists and experts in the field; however, in this non-profit organisation there are not only members with ample experience to be found, but also ambitious newcomers. More...

Presscard: More informations...

Press card also for part-time journalists

A press card serves as evidence of a journalistic activity to third parties. Who, for example, works as a freelance journalist and researches on behalf of an editorial office or for a documentary requires access to certain events or locations. Without a press card this is often not possible. The press card is therefore a necessary working tool. The document supports the owner in carrying out his activity and exercising his right for information and is often used to gain access to providers of special conditions for the press. A press card makes it easier for authorities to determine whether a person is officially working as a representative of the media.

Immediately useable worldwide: The international press card (IPC)

What is the use of a press card from a national association if you work far away from home? Many institutions, organisers and companies abroad offer considerable preferential conditions or make you work as a journalist a lot easier if provided with an international press card. Make the decision to become an EPF member. Your international press card (IPC) is included in the membership. The identity document is issued in a forgery proof handy credit card size. Some of the most important features:

• Hologram with serial number
• Horizontal colour gradient
• Impression that the press card is a high quality credit card

The permit to issue recognised, internationally valid press cards was gained by the European Press Federation after extensive verification of the association’s activities. Compact information about the member-ship fees and the EPF services can be found here...

Start a second career

A part-time start as a welcome alternative? Why not! As a representative of the press or freelance journalist you are your own boss. Make an application for your EPF membership today. You will be amazed at the special chances and possibilities.

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