The EPF acts as an interface between classical journalism and innovative Web 2.0 journalism. That is one of the reasons why many interested people from all walks of journalistic life are members of the EPF. As well as preferential buying conditions the European Press Federation permanently negotiates attractive membership offers. These include special conditions in the area of financial services or individual press deductions. The EPF distances itself from trade union political ideals and acts as a neutral service provider for its members. Special attention must be given to independent journalistic work for all representatives of the media; no matter whether they operate full or part-time (you won’t find any limitations at the EPF). Take advantage of the many benefits now and assure yourself a place in the press and media sector. Further information: click here...

European Press Federation

Services, benefits, know-how:

With advice & competent support, the European Press Federation promotes the joint interests of representatives of the press and journalists and offers its members a compact spectrum of services with many advantages. A short overview:

• Newsroom: up to date with industry news
• Download area (work assistance)
• Career qualifications
• Press conditions for members
• Considerable PDF library
• Online workshops
• Media insurance for electronics & technology
• Conference Call incl. free software
• Private pension schemes
• Internet marketing for journalists
• Coordination of offers and commissions


Visa card for EPF members

The European Press Federation Visa card is issued by the financial service provider Payango in cooperation with Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. The Visa card is accepted worldwide, whether you want to use it to pay directly in a shop or restaurant or for online purchases.

All cash machines worldwide which accept Visa can be used to withdraw money. Whenever you want - 24 hours a day. This is an ideal offer for EPF members given the 2% interest on credit balances and low annual fees. Get your own EPF Visa card with just a few clicks. It can be delivered to your address within a few days. Simply order online.

Further information, the application form and more about the additional benefits can be found - here -

Why the EPF helps part-time journalists:

Semi-professional representatives of the media who only work sporadically or part-time as journalists are often excluded by many career associations. The reason: sporadic activities are often condemned as being a hobby. But the reality shows us another picture. Firstly: the vast majority of all journalists are freelance - or work part-time. Secondly: It is exactly those journalists and representatives of the media who work part-time who often deliver work of higher quality than their full-time employed colleagues.

Let us be honest

The EPF sees itself as a competent partner for people who are active as journalists & respects the fact that journalists or representatives of the media may be members in other associations. In contrast to many other associations, the European Press Federation maintains a very lean administration and dispenses with high fees or overly expensive subscription fees. Cost intensive gatherings and members´ meetings are not held by EPF as these costs would be carried by the members. When necessary, (members) meetings are held on a moderate scale. The aim of the EPF is to keep the cost/benefit at an optimum for its members. To this end, strict cost management is required. Feel free to compare the expenditure policies of the European Press Federation to those of other associations before you make your decision.

The international press card is included in the services that European Press Federadion offers. In contrast to other organisations the EPF welcomes part-time people who work as journalists with open arms. Freelance representatives of the press and journalists often feel that they are not sufficiently represented by 'established' associations. And if the times are hard, part-time journalists are often not able to afford the high subscription fees (up to 1 percent of income). The EPF offers its considerable services for just 4 Euros per month.