It´s true... Representatives of the press often have it easier in life, because they are treated preferentially in many areas. In the vernacular, journalists or editors are often described as 'the press' and enjoy a special status in society. In the meantime, even those representatives of the media who only work part-time enjoy this status. Prestigious publishers, editorial offices and online magazines promote part-time journalism because the constant upheaval in the media landscape makes job relocations commonplace: Formerly regularly employed full-time journalists have to earn their living on a freelance basis.

EPF e.V.

These changes, however, also open up new perspectives: newcomers are offered attractive possibilities to successfully work in publishing and to establish themselves among their full-time colleagues. The European Press Federation takes advantage of these developments for its members and is therefore open for part-time media representatives, press photographers, journalists and newcomers in the field of journalism.

What sort of association is the European Press Federation (EPF)?

The EPF represents its member’s interests in all the diverse fields of publishing and advocates the freedom of the occupation. The EPF sees itself as a competent partner and acts as an intermediary between its members and governmental organisations, companies and career and industry associations. As a service orientated career association, the EPF represents those in the media from all areas of journalism no matter whether they are part-time, full-time or freelance. Newcomers will always find EPF a strong partner at their side in the EPF. The Federation acts as an association representing the interests of its members independent of trade unions.

As an career association, the EPF is authorised to issue internationally recognised press cards. The press card is valid until the end of the current calendar year and will be reissued for the next year. The press card, as well as the accompanying press documents, is issued at no additional costs within the scope of membership. Also included in the membership are a wide range of additional services [click here...].

What you can count on: a strong representation of interests

The media penetrates our daily life more than ever before. Rightly so, our age is described as the age of the media. However the effect the media has on us is often subtle and it is difficult to decide where the effect starts and where it ends.  In this relation, journalists have an important role to play because objectivity & independence in reporting are important criteria for good journalistic work. The European Press Federation offers its members numerous services, to optimise the quality and the efficiency of their work, for example.

Who can become a member of EPF?

The European Press Federation is open to all representatives of the media who are active as journalists. Also welcome are people who work as journalists on a part-time basis.  Incidentally: specialists in the field of PR work are also gladly welcome at EPF. Among other reasons, Insiders appreciate the EPF because it, unlike other (trade union dominated associations), does not exclude part-time active journalists. It is exactly these representatives of the media who work on a freelance basis who need unlimited freedom in the choice of their career association.


The European Press Federation e. V. has been added by the Secretariat General to the European Commission’s Register of Interest Representatives as a lobbyist representative for media professionals, and part-time journa-lists in particular. Register number is: 61351933698-09

Start a second career

A part-time start as a welcome alternative? Why not! As a representative of the press or freelance journalist you are your own boss. Apply for your EPF membership today. You will be amazed at the special chances and possibilities.

EPF e.V.